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A place for music (Hip-Hop, Electronic, House, Lofi and more), sound packs, remixes, beats, DJ mix sets (Hip-Hop & R&B, House, and exclusive), Maschine tutorials, and MatrixxSoundlab and Extreme Maschinist merch!

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As a young 10th grader, me and my best friend decided that we were going to be DJs. That Christmas turntables were purchased! He went on to become a local MC, and I quickly became one of the neighborhood DJs. As the parties began to be replaced by wedding receptions, my dabbling in beat making increased, to the point where drum machines and samplers took the place of turntables and a mixer, and I became one of the neighborhood beat men. I never stopped making music! I did however go back to DJing, but now when I do it, it's House music and throwback Hip-Hop.

Sound-wise, I'm most influenced by Kurtis Mantronik, Timbaland, Teddy Riley, Pete Rock and DJ Premier.

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